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Block Printing with a Steam Roller: Making a Neighborhood Image for a Steamroller Print Event

In this 90-minute workshop, artist and educator Brian Counihan will guide a collaborative woodblock design project that can be printed as a giant banner-sized image using a steamroller as a press. In this workshop we’ll collectively develop the visual content, consider how the banner can have a positive effect on the neighborhood, and think about […]

Create Together with Brian Counihan


The Neighborhood Scroll: A Crankie Portrait Project for All Ages

In this 90-minute workshop, artist and educator Brian Counihan will introduce a storytelling art form rooted in Appalachian tradition. Crankies, or moving panoramas, are drawings or paintings that can be manually scrolled within a boxed “stage.” Participants will develop basic scripts, create imagery, and use their crafting skills to create a portrait of an important […]

Create Together with Brian Counihan


Y(our) Mental Health: A Dance Story Production

Do you have a mental or social health topic that feels important to explore and learn about with your neighbors? Mental Health in Motion can work with you to develop a one-of-a-kind educational dance production for your neighborhood, in which audience members will be able to not only hear about the subject, but also see […]

Move Together with Mental Health in Motion


Rhythms for Roanoke: A Latin-Infused Ballet Show and Dance Class

Nothing brings people together like a good beat! In this 90-minute dance experience, Roanoke Ballet Theatre (RBT) will inspire your neighborhood with a petite performance by the professional dancers of RBT. This show will feature dances from Latin countries including Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba and more. After the show, a Salsa expert and RBT dancers will […]

Move Together with Roanoke Ballet Theatre


Hip Hop Community Dance Workshop

Bring an all-ages hip hop dance workshop to the neighborhood. There will be three back-to-back one-hour sessions for three different age groupings from the neighborhood. (For instance, Saturday morning sessions could occur at 10:00am-11:00am for ages 6-10, 11:00am-12:00pm for ages 11-18, and 12:00pm-1:00pm for ages 18 and up). Participants will learn a hip hop dance […]

Move Together with Mish Moves Dance Company


Explore Freedom Together: Ready, Release, Restore

In this 90-minute somatic movement workshop, we will explore various types of movements with the emphasis on the awareness of our bodies. Participants will begin with a warmup and then move into three healing movements that can be done in combination or separately for grounding, calming and finding respite from within. The session will finish […]

Move Together with Explore Freedom


We CAN DRAW! An Introduction to Sketching from Life to Observe the Neighborhood

Local artist and community friend Polly Branch guides this participatory drawing workshop to help your neighborhood see itself. The workshop focuses on making our mark on paper and contemplating how we see from our own points of view. Participants will interpret and record a moment, practicing new drawing skills. The workshop requires no previous experience […]

Explore Together with Polly Branch, Acorn Art


Sing Out! An Interactive Circlesinging and Body Music Experience

Get the neighborhood singing! Through activities that involve movement, voice, body percussion, play, and improvisation, experienced song leaders Joy Truskowski and Katie Trozzo will create space for you to open your voice, spirit, heart, and body. Together, we’lll strengthen neighborhood bonds, build confidence, and express your creativity. You don’t have to be a “singer” to […]

Create Together with Star City Circlesinging


Rhythm Connects and Heals: A Drum Workshop for Everyone!

In this 90-minute workshop, percussionist Linda Macchia will teach the basics of drumming to get your neighborhood working in rhythm together. Community drumming is fun, it’s inclusive, and it breaks down barriers. In a drum group, everyone is a winner, and everyone contributes to the complete sound.

Create Together with The Beat Goes On


Painting 101 for EVERYONE: Creative Bliss Behind the Canvas for the Whole Neighborhood

Tap your creativity as a neighborhood when hosting this painting workshop with Roanoke’s original paint party instructor, Kaydee Pickle of The Heartworks Company. Participants will be guided to explore foundational painting techniques and color theory, each on their own canvas during the one-and-a-half to two-hour session. Attendees are guaranteed to gain a painting tip or […]

Create Together with The Heartworks Company


Neighborhood Footsteps

Is there a spot in your neighborhood that could use a footpath? Is there an elder who could use a path installed on a hill? Is there a garden space that calls for a pathway? In this 2-hour workshop, artist Jane Gabrielle will walk through the process of making stepping stones decorated with handprints and […]

Create Together with One World Arts


Mandala Making: Moving Through Emotions One Flowerpiece at a Time

In this 60- to 90-minute session, longtime social worker and artist Misty Dawn will teach a small lesson and engage neighbors in a collaborative activity. Participants will learn about the symbolism of shapes, mandalas, and how we process emotions. Together, the group will discuss the variety of seasonal materials used to make individual mandalas. We’ll […]

Create Together with Misty Dawn’s Entergagement


Kindness Stones

Our young people need to know we love them; they need encouragement. In this 90-minute engagement, artist Jane Gabrielle will guide parents, grandparents, and neighbor groups in painting small stones with encouraging words. Peacemaker, Believer, Resilience, Wisdom, Royalty, Love, Builder. Each session will begin with a mindfulness practice that centers on holding or carrying something […]

Create Together with One World Arts


Ignite Your Light: The Candle Pouring Workshop You Never Knew You Needed!

In this 90-minute workshop, Roanoke creative, mental-health professional, and candlemaker Danielle Austin-Johnson will teach the basics of natural soy candle making. Through this interactive course, participants will connect with neighbors, applying the symbolism of mindfulness techniques, cognitive reframing and the importance of positive self-talk. The focus will be on pouring into yourself, affirming and creating […]

Create Together with Empressherstudio, LLC


Hair Art Masterclass

Gather neighbors for a fun, three-hour event with hair artist Marlee Coles. Explore hair as a creative medium and celebrate the rich hair history of our community. Using hair extensions, braiding hair, and weave bundles in various textures and colors, participants will collaboratively create works of art. Whether experienced in braiding and styling or not, […]

Create Together with Marlee Coles


Free Little Art Gallery: Make Art, Leave Art, Take Art!

The Free Little Art Gallery (FLAG) is a free miniature art gallery modeled after the Free Little Library. Visitors can bring artwork to leave on display, take artwork that inspires them, or just come enjoy what’s on display in the gallery. The FLAG is not only for the display of work, but also for the […]

Create Together with Art Invasion


Create a Living Heirloom: The Art of Bonsai Workshop

This four-hour, all-ages spring workshop is presented by Jonathan Chandler, lead instructor at The Virginia School of Traditional Arts. Each participant will be provided with a tree, tools, wire, and instructions on how to make a bonsai tree. The trees will come straight from the nursery. Each person will root prune and repot the tree […]

Create Together with The Virginia School of Traditional Arts


Community Pop-Up Art and Maker’s Market with Free Face-painting

Join artist Katherine Devine for a Pop-Up Art and Maker’s Market in your neighborhood! Katherine will get the party started with free face-painting. Neighbors are encouraged to bring their own tables and set up and show their artwork, crafts, hobbies and handiwork. Plan to meet and greet friends, family and new customers. Have a song […]

Create Together with Katherine Devine Studios


Building Memories: A Wooden Train Workshop

Host a four-hour workshop presented by Jonathan Chandler, lead instructor at The Virginia School of Traditional Arts. Each participant will be provided with precut wooden pieces, hardware, and instructions on how to make a wooden train engine and one car of their choice. Each person will use woodworking tools to create and decorate their train […]

Create Together with The Virginia School of Traditional Arts


Mobile Paint Night: Painting Fun for Everyone!

Want to have some fun while learning new painting skills and connecting with your neighbors? In this 90-minute class, you will learn the steps in making a successful painting that you can hang in your home. Artist Leah Thompson will guide you through demonstration and step-by-step instructions. No prior art experience is needed, and it’s […]

Create Together with Leah Thompson


Star City VoiceBox: A Magical Mobile Storytelling Space

Star City VoiceBox will provide an innovative and interactive way to share and preserve stories from your neighborhood. Using thought-provoking prompts, two people (friends, neighbors, family, total strangers, etc.) will sit together in conversation. The VoiceBox will be a safe space designed to foster connection, empathy, and deep listening. The stories will then be recorded […]

Explore Together with Star City VoiceBox


Stone in Love: Walking with Our Ancestors

In this 90-minute engagement, artist Jane Gabrielle will share her interest in history and ancestor connection with your neighborhood. Roanoke’s ancestors reside in cemeteries in every part of our city. How often do we consider them? What did they dream about? How are we the living embodiment of those dreams? Jane will lead a cemetery […]

Explore Together with One World Arts


Tiny Magic Doors: A Collaboration of Witty Wizards and Cheeky Goblins

In this creative community project, join Skye Hartwell in the installation of five tiny doors in your neighborhood! Help set up these cute magical portals of fantasy. Create a miniature setting on 5 separate sites with a tiny door at each using tools and paints. Neighbors will pick and choose miniature outdoor accents and modify […]

Explore Together with Skye Hartwell


A Puppet Playing Goatsinger Workshop: A Family-Based Puppetry Workshop

Grab the neighborhood kids, a handful of plushy toys or puppets, or whatever is in easy reach, and meet and work with resident goatsinger Mike Moran. In this 90-minute workshop play session, the neighborhood group will create a series of small, unique, toy-based performances that will incorporate puppetry and music. Small theatre pieces are an […]

Learn Together with The Iowa Goatsinger


Mapping the Neighborhood with Compasses, Maps and Fun Activities

Bring neighbors together to explore the neighborhood from a new point of view in this two-hour workshop. Roanoke-born artist Polly Branch loves working with neighborhood groups. She’ll share different kinds of maps to explore, engage participants in fun conversation prompts about creating maps, and host some activities using a compass that participants can decorate to […]

Explore Together with Polly Branch, Acorn Art


Chalkways to Hope

Immerse your neighborhood in STEM and art in a study with Virginia Tech and the National Science Foundation! Artist Jane Gabrielle is part of the team studying heat levels in our neighborhoods in 2024. This two-hour sidewalk chalk art activity engages all ages using storytelling and neighborhood pride. The work will be in full sun, […]

Learn Together with One World Arts


From Snoopy to Spider-Man: Draw your own Cartoon Character or Superhero

Comics and graphic novels connect us all through our shared visual history and culture. This two-hour workshop is a chance to connect families in your neighborhood as they bring to life superheroes or fun characters of their own. Artist Katherine Devine will lead the workshop in basic drawing tips and techniques to discover your own […]

Learn Together with Katherine Devine Studios


Meditate and Create: Together we can Energize the Vision

What would you like to create in your neighborhood? We invite you to begin this exploration through meditation—the art of slowing down, giving yourself space, breathing room, and a pause from the everyday whirl of existence. When practiced, meditation can liberate creative inspiration, boosting the ability to see goals and solutions from a broader perspective. […]

Learn Together with Radiance Wellbeing at A Touch of Comfort


Music and the Mind

In this 60-minute workshop, Roanoke Symphony Orchestra musicians will demonstrate ways to engage the mind through music. Studies have shown that music can have a profound impact on brain development at all ages and help create unity within our homes, families, and neighborhoods. Participants will learn simple techniques that can be replicated at home, including […]

Learn Together with Roanoke Symphony Orchestra


Poe Mack’s Hip Hoponomics

Provide your neighborhood with a 2-hour session with Poe Mack! In this educational performance, the artist will instruct on aspects of music production, performance and marketing. Connect neighbors in this musical exploration of creativity.

Learn Together with Poe Mack, Flat Five Studio


Poets in the Park: An Introduction to Nature Writing

Beginner and seasoned writers alike will gather in a neighborhood park for an hour of poetry inspired by the natural world of your neighborhood! In this hands-on workshop, local artist and writer R.A. Morris will provide instruction on how to use nature as inspiration for poetry. After a free-writing period, participants will regroup to share […]

Explore Together with Rachel Anne Morris


Our Green Spaces, Our Stories: Celebrating Our Neighborhood Parks, Trees & Trails Through Poetry & Art

Does your neighborhood have a treasured tree? A park or playground that makes you proud? Let’s celebrate it through poetry and art! In this collaborative project, a writer, an artist, and an educational specialist will join your community to craft a professionally designed book commemorating your celebrated green space, with submissions open to neighbors of […]

Explore Together with Ana Morales, Ashley Wilson Fellers and Rolando Holmes


Neighboring Sounds: A Talking Time Capsule of Your Community

Capture your neighborhood with a talking time capsule. When completed, this will be a fully mastered audio production (like a podcast or non-fiction audio documentary) that tells the story of your place through the sounds and stories of your neighbors. This can be spontaneous or planned with the neighborhood to reflect a special time or […]

Explore Together with Pramana Language Lab, LLC


Minuscule Paintings with a MIGHTY Impact

If your neighborhood is looking for unexpected art that demands a second glance, look no further. Artist Megan Scott Scripps’ specialty is painting in miniature, creating murals that invite the viewer closer. Work with Megan to paint five to eight detailed murals in multiple locations or at a single site. The murals will vary from […]

Explore Together with Megan Scott Scripps


Fairy Fest: Build a Magical Community!

Make connections with neighbors and tap into your creativity by building a fairy neighborhood. Artist Molly Kernan will guide participants in building unique fairy houses with foraged and found materials over the course of four two-hour workshops. To celebrate the finished artwork, participants will display the houses in a natural setting of their choice in […]

Explore Together with Molly Kernan


Enabling Creativity: A Poetry Workshop for Disabled Writers of All Experience Levels

In this 2-hour writing workshop, Roanoke poet Michelle Acker will guide participants through writing poetry based on their lived experiences of disability and chronic illness. Through a series of mini-lessons and writing exercises, participants will produce an original work of poetry to express how they relate to themselves and the people and spaces around them.

Explore Together with Michelle Acker


Embroidered Memories

In this workshop with the Roanoke History Museum, bring neighbors together to embroider and embellish a photograph. It can be a cherished family photograph or a found photograph—one with no names, locations, or personal meanings. Learn the importance of preserving and labeling photographs while reminiscing and creating new memories in the process. Bring your own […]

Explore Together with Roanoke Historical Society


Picture This: An All-Level Photography Workshop & Neighborhood Photo Walk

In this 90-minute workshop and photo walk, a Roanoke-based group of photographers will lead a 45-minute, all-level photography skill-building session in collaboration with the neighborhood. This informational session will focus on composition, light, and subject. That will be followed by a 45-minute group photo walk around the neighborhood with photographers and neighbors. The photographers will […]

Explore Together with Roanoke Photography Collective


You Belong in This Circle: Collective African Dance

This interactive 90-minute workshop will reflect the communal nature of ancestral West African dance traditions. The event is people-inclusive. We hope to welcome all generations in your neighborhood, diverse states of wellness and mobility, the entire gender spectrum, LGBQTIA+ friends, and every ancestry. Guests will be introduced to the legacy of ‘circle’ practice, and journey […]

Move Together with Abri d’Oshun, Whole Person Haven


Roanoke Neighborhood Tours

In partnership with the Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation, the Roanoke History Museum invites your neighbors on an architectural history tour of your neighborhood! In this 30- to 60-minute walking or driving tour of Roanoke’s earliest neighborhoods, you can take a step back in time and learn the stories behind some of the neighborhood’s iconic buildings […]

Explore Together with Roanoke History Museum


UKESTRA: Join the Musical Fun of the Adult Ukulele Orchestra – All Skill Levels Welcome!

UKESTRA fosters a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who come together to celebrate life, sing with gusto, and enjoy the camaraderie of music-making while exercising their minds and fingers. It’s a unique opportunity to build neighborhood connections and grow community through music. A five-week music course held in your neighborhood, the hour-long classes are designed […]

Learn Together with UKESTRA


Daisy Art Parade Preparation Workshops 

Work with a local artist to prepare a lively group of neighbors in representing your neighborhood in the second annual Daisy Art Parade. In a series of work sessions, an artist will help you conceptualize and implement a fun, arts-based entry for the Saturday, April 13 World Art Day celebration and parade in Downtown Roanoke. 

Parade Together with Daisy Art Parade 


Be Part of the Daisy Art Parade

Daisy Art

A viewer at 2023’s inaugural Daisy Art Parade called it “a day of joy and love, and exactly what we needed.” We couldn’t have said it better. This non-motorized parade enlivened Downtown Roanoke with hand-crafted puppets, costumes, and spectacles. And the fun didn’t just happen on parade day! The real joy and connections were created […]

Parade Together with Daisy Art Parade 


The Sound of Elegance and Grace: Music from the Courts of 18th-Century Europe

Host an introductory musical performance of up to 90 minutes featuring a range of musical styles and composers from the 17th and 18th centuries. This engaging performance will be accompanied by a description of the work from a trio of musicians. Musical selections may include everything from lively dances to soulful reflections and can be […]

Enjoy a Performance Together with Roanoque Baroque


Pop-Up Puppet Show and Make-Your-Own Puppet Workshop

Connect your neighbors with the timeless magic of puppets in this two-hour interactive puppet show with puppets designed and created by artist Katherine Devine. Enjoy a puppet performance, a short sing-along, and then head over to the workshop table and create your own simple puppet (or two!) with materials provided. The neighbors will be sure […]

Enjoy a Performance Together with Katherine Devine Studios


Movie Theater Night: Bringing the Neighborhood Together

Fresh Perspectives Media, in collaboration with CommUnity ArtsReach, wants to use the universal love for movies and theater as a means to bring neighborhoods together. Film can transcend entertainment and serve as a catalyst for bonding and socialization, uniting people of all backgrounds and ages. With a combination of filmmaking that takes you behind the […]

Enjoy a Performance Together with Fresh Perspectives Media


Aerial POPS! (Power of Public Spectacle)

Harness the power of public spectacle with Cirqulation Aerial & Acrobatics! Draw curious gazes and activate public spaces in your neighborhood. Cirqulation will bring a portable aerial rig and create interactive performances featuring internationally renowned talent. Each performance is unique, and concepts are developed collaboratively with community partners. In the spirit of placemaking, Cirqulation aims […]

Enjoy a Performance Together with Cirqulation Aerial Arts & Acrobatics


A Music Performance by CommUnity ArtsReach

Are you planning a block party, fundraiser or holiday event? CommUnity ArtsReach stage performers can meet your needs with exciting music by youth and adult members. Delight your neighborhood audiences with a performance by CommUnity ArtsReach singers and musicians directed by Bernadette (BJ) Lark. CommUnity ArtsReach is a nonprofit organization providing instruction and opportunities to […]

Enjoy a Performance Together with CommUnity ArtsReach


5-Minute Portrait Booth: Can YOU Sit Still for Five Minutes? 

Welcome artist Laura Vahlberg for a two-hour session of five-minute portraits of your neighbors. The portraits can serve as a time to pose with, and connect to, a dear neighbor – or a new acquaintance. Together they can form the basis of a neighborhood gallery show or celebrate a neighborhood event or milestone. The possibilities […]

Enjoy a Performance Together with LV5MinutePortraits 


Face Painting: An Interactive Addition to Any Event!

Face-painting is the perfect addition to any event, from school festivals to birthday parties to church events! Book April Rose Art to come for a two-hour session and paint faces at your next event! The focus will always be on the children, but adults are more than welcome to have their faces painted, always! April […]

Create Together with April Rose Art