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Our mission: Provide affordable live/work and creative spaces in Roanoke.

Artspace is the leading nonprofit developer to the arts in the nation, with over 30 years of experience in multi-use developments centered around long-term affordable live-work space for artists and creatives. They currently operate 58 such properties in 22 states. 

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“ArtspaceROA” was a public-awareness initiative launched in 2023 to aid in the goal of bringing an Artspace project to Roanoke. It has a strong social media presence and growing recognition.

In September 2023, Artspace came to Roanoke to conduct a Preliminary Feasibility Visit, the first step on the path to a potential Artspace project. During the course of that visit, they determined that Riverdale was their primary site of interest in Roanoke, and recommended moving to the second step, an Arts Market Study. 

Read the Preliminary Feasibility Study.
Read the Market Study.

The Market Study concluded in March of 2024, and the Artspace team presented a Report of Findings at a public gathering in April. Roanoke’s robust participation in the market study survey impressed the Artspace team, and with the data showing demand for a mixed-use, affordable, arts-centric concept at the Riverdale site, recommended moving to the next step on the path to an Artspace project, the Predevelopment phase.

THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE RECENT SURVEY! Survey data will be used to assess demand for new space, and to design new space to suit the unique needs of Roanoke’s creative community and its art-related organizations. The Minneapolis-based Artspace team visited Roanoke again in mid-April. Supporters gathered to hear highlights from the market study at an outdoor event on the Riverdale site. In the report out, the team announced that the results demonstrated that there was a market for about 67 units serving residents at 80% of the area median income and below.

Study released: A look at our market!

– Download the Survey Celebration Soiree presentation slides
– Download the full Market Study
– Read the write-in responses
Read the April 19 Cardinal News article.

Explore some Key Findings

Members of the core team toured Riverdale with Artspace representatives in September 2023. Learn more about Riverdale.
Download the Preliminary Feasibility Study.

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