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Daisy Art

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A viewer at 2023’s inaugural Daisy Art Parade called it “a day of joy and love, and exactly what we needed.” We couldn’t have said it better. This non-motorized parade enlivened Downtown Roanoke with hand-crafted puppets, costumes, and spectacles. And the fun didn’t just happen on parade day!

The real joy and connections were created over the months leading to the parade across neighborhoods, schools, clubs, churches and organizations as teams developed themes and created their entries.

City of Roanoke Artist in Residence Brian Counihan developed the Daisy Art Parade, building on the past work and partnerships of the Marginal Arts Festival. To learn more about Brian and the parade, visit www.daisyartparade.com. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter!

Consider asking a creative neighborhood resident or a local artist to help you lead the way in your neighborhood. If you would like our help in providing an artist to assist the neighborhood, check out the offering on the following page. We can help you find an artist and pay that artist to help your neighborhood.

We want to cheer you on as you walk down the street, celebrating our neighborhoods and the creativity that will make them even better!

Participants: Five-30 in preparations. Even more in parading!
Ages: All
Value: 400
Requirements: Flexible and accessible workspace for an art project, preferably one in which supplies can remain out and work can continue between sessions.

Parade Together

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