Neighborhood Footsteps

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Is there a spot in your neighborhood that could use a footpath? Is there an elder who could use a path installed on a hill? Is there a garden space that calls for a pathway? In this 2-hour workshop, artist Jane Gabrielle will walk through the process of making stepping stones decorated with handprints and colored stones. This workshop is a great way to break the ice and start collaboration. Participants will be encouraged to choose with intention the colored stones that represent neighborhood values like kindness, respect, generosity, and more.

Participants: Two to 15
Ages: All
Value: $250.00
Requirements: Please provide an outdoor space with access to water to mix the concrete and pour the stepping stones. Stones will need to set up for 30 minutes before adding handprints and ornamentation. We will engage in storytelling and song during that time. The stepping stones will need to dry for 24 hours.

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