We CAN DRAW! An Introduction to Sketching from Life to Observe the Neighborhood

Polly Branch, Acorn Art | branchingarts.wordpress.com/gallery

Local artist and community friend Polly Branch guides this participatory drawing workshop to help your neighborhood see itself. The workshop focuses on making our mark on paper and contemplating how we see from our own points of view. Participants will interpret and record a moment, practicing new drawing skills. The workshop requires no previous experience or skill. Polly will provide basic sketching instruction, exercises, demonstration, and even supplies. Participants can explore alone or in a group conversation.

Participants: Four to 20
Ages: Teens and adults. Parents are welcome to attend with children over seven to help them focus.
Value: $300.00
Requirements: Participants can bring their own sketchbook items or use the paper, pen and colored pencils provided. Everyone will leave with their own original drawings of your neighborhood! Please provide an outdoor area like a park with picnic benches, or bring chairs to make a circle. It could be an interesting open space, or a courtyard to wander around with a view down the street or across parts of the neighborhood. Other exciting locations include being on a hill rise with a distant view of our beautiful mountain ridges. Please provide (or ask participants to bring) chairs or blankets, sunhats or umbrellas and water. A couple of canopies would be extra helpful for shade or rain protection as needed.

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