Minuscule Paintings with a MIGHTY Impact

Megan Scott Scripps | facebook.com/megan.scott.12720/

If your neighborhood is looking for unexpected art that demands a second glance, look no further. Artist Megan Scott Scripps’ specialty is painting in miniature, creating murals that invite the viewer closer. Work with Megan to paint five to eight detailed murals in multiple locations or at a single site. The murals will vary from one square inch to one square foot. These murals can be hidden to encourage scavenger-hunt-style engagement or made plainly visible. As an example, on an ordinary brick wall Megan could paint eight random bricks with tiny versions of the eight most famous paintings ever, encouraging engagement and adding another destination to your neighborhood. Or what can your neighborhood dream up together?

Participants: One to 15 participants to help develop the project with the artist
Ages: All
Value: $1,600.00
Requirements: Please provide sufficient painting light, a flat or near-flat surface (rock, fabric and concrete are just fine) and property owner permission.

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