Explore Freedom Together: Ready, Release, Restore

Explore Freedom

In this 90-minute somatic movement workshop, we will explore various types of movements with the emphasis on the awareness of our bodies. Participants will begin with a warmup and then move into three healing movements that can be done in combination or separately for grounding, calming and finding respite from within. The session will finish our movement exploration with the creation of a fun, uplifting somatic movement dance that can be enjoyed together or alone for years to come! A neighborhood that dances together stays connected forever.

Participants: Seven to 25
Ages: All
Value: $400.00
Requirements: Please provide a space for movement. It can be outside, where a dry, short-cut grassy area is best for grounding purposes. Participants can be barefooted or wear shoes; that is a personal preference. The space can be inside as long as there is wood flooring, which is better for joints and bones. The inside space needs to have ventilation, as overheating or sweating is not our goal. No electricity is needed, and all ages and abilities are welcome!

Move Together

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