Tiny Magic Doors: A Collaboration of Witty Wizards and Cheeky Goblins

Skye Hartwell

In this creative community project, join Skye Hartwell in the installation of five tiny doors in your neighborhood! Help set up these cute magical portals of fantasy. Create a miniature setting on 5 separate sites with a tiny door at each using tools and paints. Neighbors will pick and choose miniature outdoor accents and modify them while listening to each other and engaging together. The neighborhood is invited to dream big, sprinkle that pixie dust, and invite art in your part of town!

Participants: Three to 10 adults to serve as the development team
Ages: All
Value: $500.00
Requirements: Please consider potential sites for these tiny doors in your neighborhood, such as retaining walls and fences. The doors can also be installed on sides of buildings or houses in well-trafficked parts of the neighborhood. All locations must have property owner permission. The artist will work with the neighbors on establishing goals and outcomes for the tiny door locations, and then together, they will establish criteria for choosing. The neighborhood can then plan a 90-minute celebration and tiny-door tour, with costumes encouraged!

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