YOTA: Art Matters Projects

We’ve now awarded more than 30 Art Matters grants in two separate cycles, and projects are underway! Read the press release here, including a list of our funded artists.


Rachel Austin » Topical Online Art Gallery
Olivier Bisanga » Year of the Artist Visual Storytelling Project
Charlie Brouwer » The Benediction Project
Richie Cannaday » Untilted Mill Mountain Star Play
Bryan Hancock » National Youth Poet Laureate Program
Bryce Cobbs » Berglund Center: The Heart of Gainsboro
Bryce Cobbs » CHIP Art Project
Marlee Coles » Hairfirmations Event
Brian Counihan » Daisy Art Parade
Jane Gabrielle » The Singing Tree Project
Toya Jones » Back to Black Art Show
Kinnfolk » Roanoke Traditional Music Song Cycle
Otu Kojo » Drum Circles and Recital
Amanda J. McGee » Marquee in Verse
Victoria Van Tassel McGrath » Exploring Housing Insecurity
Heather Marshall » Oliver W. Hill Justice Center Youth Art Projects
Casey Murano » Roanoke Interfaith Pilgrimage Project
Bipin Pokharel » Faces of the Roanoke Foodshed
Kayla Saunders » Like Moonlight on Water Film
Kathryn Schnabel » Artist Workshops for Sustained Engagement
Aaron Spicer » Culinary Arts Portrait Project
Katie Trozzo & Joy Truskowski » Singing Circles
Joy Truskowski » Song Circles for English Language Learners
William Smith » The Lark Ascending Ballet for the deaf community
Taye the Truth (Dionte Hall) » Project Don’t Blink
John Woodrum » I Heart SE Sculpture Project
Lynsey Wyatt » Queer Youth Aerial Arts and Activism Project
Susanna Young » Roanoke Harvest Dance Theatre Project