WE ARE ART: The Roanoke Self-Portrait Project

Visit the Roanoke Municipal Building (215 Church Ave. SW to see WE ARE ART: The Roanoke Self-Portrait Project, including works by 48 Roanoke artists exploring the impacts of the community on their work and of their work on the community.

Hear from the artists by watching them introduce their work in our RVTV videos. More videos will be added throughout the year!

We opened the show on July 18 with the formal proclamation by City Council of the Year of the Artist. Enjoy pictures below by our friends at RVTV, but to really enjoy the work, you’ve got to come down to the Municipal Building. Take a look around other floors while you’re there. We’ve got 170 works in our public art collection, and there are some fine pieces in the corridors and meeting rooms.

The Opening Evening Gallery of Moments by RVTV:

When the show closes, we’ll add an archive gallery to our site, but for now, we encourage you to visit the City of Roanoke Municipal Gallery at 215 Church Ave. SW. And you can watch video introductions of artists to their work. We’ll add those here as they are released.

See the coverage in Noke News.
Watch the RVTV Artist Interviews.
Read the August 8 The Roanoke Times editorial, “Area artists’s self-portraits reflect us”

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