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We’ve had 13 YOTA conversations so far to prepare for grant programs and our year of work.. Catch up below and Join us every Tuesday this fall!

Download our Very Brief Guide to YOTA Conversations or just start digging around the conversations below.

Download the PDF schedule here.

Join us this fall for another round of exploration, featuring a wide range of training topics. (Download the flyer to post and share). All events are online via Zoom at 7 PM unless otherwise indicated. Register for the Year of the Artist, and we’ll send you the training link!

  • SEP 13 – Intro to Coaches & Resources (Video)
  • SEP 20 – Art Matters Projects (Video)– an introduction to a number of Art Matters grantees and projects
  • SEP 27 – Project Scoping & Planning (Video) – Getting started on creating community change! We’ll dig into some of the basics of planning your project to advance our community. Join us online at 7 PM.
  • OCT 4 – Building a Budget (Video) – Your #1 planning and management tool. Join us online at 7 PM.
  • OCT 11 – From Artist to Business Owner* 
    Join Katherine Devine for a step-by-step process to create a visual business self-assessment. This fun, interactive evening will help identify your vision, strengths, goals, skills, value to the community, and paths to profitability. In person at Star City School of Ballet, 1005 Industry Avenue SE #7A, Roanoke VA 24013. Registration required. FOUR Spots left as of 10/4!
  • OCT 18 – Hosting Effective Meetings as Community Artists
    Learn tips and tricks for leading effective meetings with teams and community partners. YOTA Network Weaving Coach Katie Trozzo and Douglas Jackson share practices that generate momentum in meetings. Stay on for a dynamic group discussion on practices for meetings that work and a chance to pose questions to the group. Join us online.
  • OCT 25 – Expanding Your Work as an Artist & Collaborator*
    In the first of three workshops, visual artist and creativity coach Kathryn Schnabel will offer insights, stories, and hands-on activities to broaden the reach of your creative gifts. Shift your focus from ‘artistic product’ to ‘creative process’ to attract new partners, resources. In-person at Ursula’s Cafe, 511 Jefferson St. SW. Arrive at 5:30 for a coffee, snack, or bowl of soup, and support their ‘pay-what-you-can’ concept. Registration required.
  • NOV 1 – Coaches’ Call 1 – – explore the outcomes, challenges & strategies of community arts. Join us online at 7 PM.
  • NOV 8 – Art as Creative Problem Solving – why your process matters for our community. Join us online at 7 PM.
  • NOV 15 – Local Art, Local Food
    Join Coach Katie Trozzo in conversation with Maureen (Mo) McGonagle of LEAP (Local Environmental Agricultural Program.) Leading a group discussion, the two will help us explore the intersections between our region’s growing food network and our emerging system of arts based community development. Join us online at 7 PM.
  • NOV 22 – Meet the Artists in Residence – – an overview of emerging residency projects. Join us online at 7 PM.
  • NOV 29 – Art to Business: Steps to Opening up Shop in Roanoke*
    Connect imagination, creativity and vision with practical steps to starting or growing a business. Explore the pros and cons of working from a home studio, selling online, working part -time, and other combinations on the path to a sustainable income from your arts based business. This workshop will include information on free local Small Business Administration business counseling. Registration required.
  • DEC 6 – Participatory Decision Making*
    Participatory decision-making is a process that gives ownership of decisions to a whole group, guiding them in developing creative and effective options that everyone can live with. With YOTA Network Weaving Coach Katie Trozzo, we’ll explore why and when to deploy participatory decision making. We’ll practice facilitation and better understand the difference between consensus and consent-based participatory decision-making approaches. Registration is required for this in-person workshop, and the location will be announced soon.
  • DEC 13 – Spring Vision Setting – Help shape what the network builds in Winter/Spring 2023. Join us online at 7 PM.

WINTER 2022 Sessions

JUNE 2022 YOTA Sessions

Register here to show your interest, and we’ll make sure to include you as we build our cadre of community artists. The Year of the Artist is funded by the City of Roanoke and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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