Arts Connect Neighbors

The Roanoke Arts Commission, the Roanoke Cultural Endowment, and Roanoke Neighborhood Advocates are pleased to offer the Arts Connect Neighbors catalog.

Arts Connect Neighbors represents the EVOLUTION of our city’s community art program as we build on the Roanoke Arts Commission’s 40 years of progress, fun and art in the City of Roanoke. During the 2022-23 Year of the Artist, hundreds of artists asked the question, “How can my creativity and artistic practice build a stronger Roanoke?” And wow, what answers we saw in response! Learn more in the year- end report at, and even better, take the next step with us!

This is a new approach to BUILDING COMMUNITY in Roanoke. Use the catalog to request a workshop that your City of Roanoke neighborhood can host. You can connect neighbors in fun ways. And best of all, it’s FREE!

Sure, the FREE events and performances are going to bring neighborhoods alive during the coming year, but as we work together, we’ll also connect in new ways. We’re creating the community we want by strengthening relationships, by slowing down to get to know each other, and by having fun learning together. We’re challenging what we can expect from the community around us by asking what we can do to shape it ourselves.

The catalog, with all of its potential and activity, is built on LOVE. We love Roanoke, and it well deserves that love. The place is, after all, its people; and it’s ours. As its residents, we belong to each other. We hope that the connections we create this year through resident-driven and artist-led programming will reinforce that belonging.

We can’t wait to explore our neighborhoods through the arts, to connect, and to learn. Please join us. We’ll better know the resources and organizations around us. We’ll better know each other. We’ll begin to know what’s possible together.

So dig in. Start dreaming and planning. What do you want to see happen? Learn more about how to participate.