» Equity Planning for Arts & Culture

The Roanoke Arts Commission is charged with overseeing arts and cultural planning in the community. With the 2011 Arts & Cultural Plan.about 80% accomplished, the community has changed much since coming together to develop it. While it’s important to develop the next plan, in the next 18 months, we’ll operate in a hybrid state, continuingContinue reading “» Equity Planning for Arts & Culture”

» Safer Neighborhoods team seeks artist

Safer Neighborhoods, a sub-committee of Roanoke City’s Task Force to Reduce Gun Violence, seeks an artist to serve on the committee to help guide its vision for a public art project.  The committee’s primary purpose is to address the root causes that contribute to acts of violence and to create meaningful and transformative efforts that,Continue reading “» Safer Neighborhoods team seeks artist”

» Roanoke Rap Cypher: WE ARE ART

A collaboration of the Roanoke Public Libraries, the Roanoke Arts Commission, the Grandin Theatre, and the Feeding Southwest Virginia Community Solutions Center has led to the creation of the “We Are Art” rap cypher. Want to do more in our community? Find local anti-racism resources here. The project, led by Creative Director Macklyn Mosley, aContinue reading “» Roanoke Rap Cypher: WE ARE ART”

» 10 things to be happy about from 2020

It’s been a tough year, but among the challenges, and even because of them, we’re finding a lot to be grateful for. Here are just ten things from 2020 that made us happy. The Star City Strong Recovery Task Force When the pandemic overtook the world, the Federal and state governments sent resources to localities.Continue reading “» 10 things to be happy about from 2020”

» Join the Change Academy’s winter discussion of CASTE

Committed residents and partners across our community are joining Roanoke Public Libraries and BOOK CITY Roanoke in a discussion of Pulitzer-Prize winning author Isabel Wilkerson’s Caste. Over five Mondays this winter, we’ll explore Caste, the unspoken system that underpins life in the United States. In a section-by-section discussion, we’ll look at the structures at work in ourContinue reading “» Join the Change Academy’s winter discussion of CASTE”

» FY22 Arts & Culture Funding

Each year the Roanoke Arts Commission oversees funding for arts and cultural organizations collaborating to advance the city’s Arts and Cultural Plan.  Register for the online funding workshop: December 4, 9AM . We’ll send you the log information. (Recording available here on Dec. 5). Here are all the links you’ll need for the FY 2022 Funding Cycle.Continue reading “» FY22 Arts & Culture Funding”

» From the Podcast: Virginia Tech’s Amanda Nelson on community leadership through the arts

Amanda Nelson leads Virginia Tech’s certificate and MFA programs in Arts Leadership and teaches in the theatre department. Much of her work directly and thoughtfully engages students in the world around them. This lively conversation centers on next-level community engagement through the arts, learning from history, and taking collective steps together.  “To me, leadership is a confluence ofContinue reading “» From the Podcast: Virginia Tech’s Amanda Nelson on community leadership through the arts”

» The Power of Passion Ignited: Virginia Commission for the Arts’ Janet Starke on the podcast

The arts capture the human experience, spark leadership, and produce measurable outcomes; and there’s still a lot of power there to be harnessed. The Virginia Commission for the Arts has a draft strategic plan on the streets, and in this episode, we hear from VCA Executive Director Janet Starke on what the plan could meanContinue reading “» The Power of Passion Ignited: Virginia Commission for the Arts’ Janet Starke on the podcast”

» Keep Learning Together: Southwest Virginia Ballet on the Podcast

In the most recent episode of the podcast, Southwest Virginia Ballet Artistic Director Pedro Szalay and Executive Director Carol Jessee take us behind the scenes with the development of a Nutcracker for the pandemic, a version filmed for showing on and streaming through Blue Ridge PBS. “If we keep learning together,” says Szalay, “we can accomplish aContinue reading “» Keep Learning Together: Southwest Virginia Ballet on the Podcast”