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» RCPS Elementary Students say WE ARE ART

Roanoke City Public Schools students have created works of art inspired by a recent Roanoke City Libraries and the Roanoke Arts Commission video. In person and virtual art students chose lyrics from the WE ARE ART Rap Cypher that resonated with them and sparked their imaginations to create unique artworks. Students chose to draw, paint, or collage to create their pieces. 

The project was coordinated by art teachers at two participating schools: Christina Gramm at Fairview Elementary and Christina Simpson at Westside Elementary.

We’re told the students were elated to become a part of this project and to use their art as a vehicle for self-expression, but we bet we were even more excited to see their efforts! Thank you students and teachers. We love your work…”beautifully made, a different caliber.”

We invite the community to check out the emerging talent and thoughtful responses below.

Learn more about the WE ARE ART Rap Cypher.

Watch the original video below.

Has this inspired you?

Make your own “We Are Art” artwork!

STEP ONE: After watching the video above, choose lyrics that stand out to you. Write them down on a piece of paper. Here are some examples of lyrics to inspire your art (or pick your own from the song)

  • Love the skin I’m in
  • Everything we need is within
  • We are strong
  • We thrive, we grow
  • We should live in kindness
  • This must be what Dr. King was dreaming for

STEP TWO: Think about what the lyrics mean to you, or how you interpret them. You could include the lyrics in your artwork or just images.

STEP THREE: Draw/paint/create images that reflect your interpretation of the lyrics. You could create a self-portrait, collage, abstract art, poster design…it’s up to you!

Your final piece should reflect the lyrics you choose and what it means to you.



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