» GUIDANCE TOWER dedicated

Blue Hills Communications Center is now home to the City of Roanoke’s E911 services. They’ve got a new roomie, too. In an innovative public/private partnership, the state-of-the-art facility will be shared with Virginia 811 — the call-before-you-dig folks.

To mark the occasion and to honor the important work that takes place within the facility, the Roanoke Arts Commission commissioned a work of art for grounds.

Guidance Tower is a 14-foot work of stainless steel and aluminum. Catching the light in the late afternoon, it’s really something.

Sculptural elements represent partnership, strength, safety, and communication as called for in the request for proposals.  “The upward sweep of the work suggests the E-911 services of help, accessibility and guidance,” says Sheldon .”Some might interpret a figure in this element, and to them, the outraised arms encircle the steel orb in a gesture of help and caring.

“Below, arrows thrust downward toward the base and to that which is hidden beneath, suggesting Virginia 811’s reminder of the utility infrastructure below us. 

“Throughout the day, sunlight and shadows play on aluminum and steel. After dusk, high-intensity LED spotlights beam upward through the sculptural structures and into the night sky. Vigilant, Guidance Tower stands in recognition of the stalwart efforts of those at work for our care and safety.” 

Published by Douglas Charles Jackson

Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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