» Play BINGO! for Arts & Humanities Month

It’s National Arts & Humanities Month. Celebrate by getting out to performances, museums, lectures, and creating something new. They are all fun activities that make life richer all around. Plus you can win prizes. Just complete three in a row on our BINGO! card. Then tell us what you did using the contact form below.Continue reading “» Play BINGO! for Arts & Humanities Month”

» Submit a design for the GRANDIN ART WALK

Propose a mural for the Grandin Village Art Walk. Sign up for your theme assignment by midnight, Friday, October 22. OVERVIEW The Roanoke Co+op, the Roanoke Arts Commission, and the Grandin Village Business Association are seeking exhibition-ready installation pieces and will unveil the Grandin Village Art Walk in the spring/summer of 2022. The project willContinue reading “» Submit a design for the GRANDIN ART WALK”

» Home sought for Eaton’s “Chairway to Heaven”

Chairway to Heaven is a site-specific installation at Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge, in Roanoke, Va. It was originally made for the Laybrinth Exhibition as part of the 2011 Marginal Arts Festival, but was retained by the church as a permanent installation. The church will no longer be have access to the space, so a new homeContinue reading “» Home sought for Eaton’s “Chairway to Heaven””


What does it mean to be compassionate and welcoming in a diverse community?  We asked Roanoke area artists to share work that reflects on that question. The wide-ranging responses came from professional artists with long-established careers and from emerging voices just setting out.  Not surprisingly, the answers involved their own processes—for an artistic practice can be aContinue reading “» WELCOME TO ROANOKE Exhibit”


Share your images of Roanoke as a compassionate, diverse, and welcoming community. Submissions due at midnight on Tuesday, August 31. The Roanoke Arts Commission seeks exhibition-ready art for a ten-month exhibit in the City of Roanoke Municipal Building.  The exhibition, Welcome to Roanoke: Images of a Compassionate, Diverse, and Welcoming Community will be curated byContinue reading “» ART CALL: WELCOME TO ROANOKE Exhibition”


Have you seen the new signal box wraps? As part of the City’s Pedestrian Safety Campaign, five artists were selected in 2020 to have their designs share the message that EVERY CORNER IS A CROSSWALK. If the street is 35 MPH or under, it is your responsibility as a driver to stop for pedestrians tryingContinue reading “» Artists Say EVERY CORNER IS A CROSSWALK!”

» NO NEED TO SPEED Signal Box Art Call

The City of Roanoke is accepting submissions for the Color Your Corner Contest. Five selected artists will have their artwork installed on a signal cabinet in Roanoke for the community to see! This art contest is part of the 2021 Roanoke Pedestrian Safety Campaign, which is led by the City of Roanoke and the VirginiaContinue reading “» NO NEED TO SPEED Signal Box Art Call”

» ART CALL! Window Mural to Celebrate Small Businesses

Our partners at the Roanoke Regional Small Business Development Center (RRSBDC) are seeking an artist(s) to create site-specific original artwork for National Small Business Week. The RRSBDC is located in the business district of Downtown Roanoke, physical address: 210 South Jefferson Street, Roanoke, VA. This opportunity is open to established professional artists. The application deadlineContinue reading “» ART CALL! Window Mural to Celebrate Small Businesses”

» Congratulations to our 2021-22 Grantees

We’re pleased to announce that the Roanoke City Council supported a consistent level of funding for arts and cultural programming at $336,500. The Agency Funding Advisory Committee (AFAC) worked hard this spring reviewing applications for the coming year. They looked at past performance and the work of our partners. They considered funding scenarios. They metContinue reading “» Congratulations to our 2021-22 Grantees”

» Artist Opportunities in the Healing Arts at Carilion Clinic

The arts and humanities are doing important work in wellness and healthcare, and there are avenues for artist involvement. Locally Carilion Clinic’s ongoing Healing Arts Program has several opportunities. Artists with ties to Virginia are invited to create an interactive healing sculpture that can travel to Carilion healthcare sites in the region. Submissions are due atContinue reading “» Artist Opportunities in the Healing Arts at Carilion Clinic”