» WORK OF ART video showcases Roanoke arts community

As part of the 2020 All-America City package, Roanoke submitted a cultural showcase video to highlight the work of the Roanoke arts community. The theme was “Enhancing Health and Well-Being Through Civic Engagement.” Using the song “Work of Art” by Katie Biddle, the director of the Dr. Robert L.A. Keeley Healing Arts Program at CarilionContinue reading “» WORK OF ART video showcases Roanoke arts community”

» Our 2020-21 Grantees

The Agency Funding Advisory Committee (AFAC) worked hard this spring reviewing applications for the coming year. They looked at past performance and the work of our partners. They considered funding scenarios. They met virtually, both with each others and potential grantees. We’re pleased to announce that City Council supported a consistent level of funding atContinue reading “» Our 2020-21 Grantees”

» On the podcast: Building better communities with Michael Clark

We’ve officially launched The Art of It: Conversations on Creativity and Leadership with the Roanoke Arts Commission. It’s a podcast, and we’re focusing our attention on our partners: the arts organizations we fund, the colleagues who help make projects happen, and our leaders thoughtful on the role of the arts and humanities in our lives.Continue reading “» On the podcast: Building better communities with Michael Clark”

» Roanoke’s Anti-Racism Resources

Read a book. Watch a conversation. Talk to a neighbor. Make another friend who doesn’t share your background. Shop in a mercado, a black-owned business, or an Asian grocery. Create some anti-racism art. Attend a lecture or event from the Harrison Museum, or Local Colors. There are infinite ways to improve our community for all.Continue reading “» Roanoke’s Anti-Racism Resources”

» Roanoke says END RACISM NOW

The 200 block of Campbell Avenue, SW, is the canvas for a community organized street mural project implemented on Sunday, July 12.  Deploying a dozen artists, the community is expressed its stance that racism has no place in Roanoke. The message: END RACISM NOW. Campbell Avenue will be closed for viewing through Saturday evening, July 18Continue reading “» Roanoke says END RACISM NOW”