» On the podcast: Building better communities with Michael Clark

We’ve officially launched The Art of It: Conversations on Creativity and Leadership with the Roanoke Arts Commission.

It’s a podcast, and we’re focusing our attention on our partners: the arts organizations we fund, the colleagues who help make projects happen, and our leaders thoughtful on the role of the arts and humanities in our lives.

Our first guest is Michael Clark, the director of Roanoke Parks and Recreation. It’s National Parks and Recreation Month, and we thought it would be fun to talk with this frequent collaborator. Listen here.

We also started to consider how many ways Michael’s team gets the arts into the world:

  • Elmwood Park concerts and festivals
  • Cultural programming in neighborhood parks
  • Parks and Arts neighborhood arts strategy
  • Arches placemaking project
  • Sister Cities Sculptures in Century Plaza
  • Elmwood Art Walk
  • A park setting for Mill Mountain Zoo
  • Gathering places in parks including art benches and fountains
  • Remember Starcropolis?

In this conversation Clark talks about the Arches placemaking project, tips on hiring great staff, and the significant aspirations of the City’s Parks and Recreation Plan. “We want to be the reason people choose Roanoke,” he says. Listen to the conversation and then explore Roanoke’s Parks and Recreation offerings at playroanoke.com.

Listen to the podcast at any one of the following services:

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Radio Public
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