Neighboring Sounds: A Talking Time Capsule of Your Community

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Capture your neighborhood with a talking time capsule. When completed, this will be a fully mastered audio production (like a podcast or non-fiction audio documentary) that tells the story of your place through the sounds and stories of your neighbors. This can be spontaneous or planned with the neighborhood to reflect a special time or theme: say, a sunny Saturday afternoon or a community festival!

The next step involves audio interviews and recordings with the people familiar with and living in the neighborhood. They can tell their favorite memories of the neighborhood, chronicle a particular time from the neighborhood’s past, or collect the personal histories of those involved in the project. This audio is then enhanced and edited together with background music and ambience to create an intimate recording for the whole neighborhood to enjoy! The final product can be given in hard form (CD, USB, etc.) to participants and it can be hosted online for everyone to enjoy.

Participants: One to 50 participants, depending on the theme, focus, or outcome desired by the neighborhood.
Ages: All
Value: $600.00
Requirements: Please provide a theme, the time for the recording event, and a commitment to show up ready to record! Electricity allows for larger setups, but most of the gear is mobile. A leadership team will be needed for at least two consultations prior to recording: 1) to discuss the theme and dates for recording, what they would like the final project to sound like, and how they would like to access and promote the completed project and 2) to discuss details for recording day and do a brief walkthrough. Lastly, the leadership team will need to be ambassadors, encouraging neighbor participation on the day of recording and celebration of the completed project!

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