About the Roanoke Arts Commission

Our lives pulse with creativity. Choruses sing. Students dance. Writers try their voice at an open mic night. And a wide range of performances, lectures, book clubs and exhibitions keep us learning well into retirement. We create art. We explore art. We ARE art.

The Roanoke Arts Commission, a volunteer body appointed by City Council, increases the collective impact of arts and culture in the community by:

Advocating for arts and cultural initiatives and investment, 
Developing and Implementing the City’s Public Art Plan, 
Advancing the City’s Arts and Cultural Plan, and
Guiding City investments in arts and culture. 

We just celebrated the start of a community transformation in The Year of the Artist.
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Meet the Roanoke Arts Commission!

2024 City of Roanoke Arts Commission members (from left) John Hitchins (collections committee chair), Becky Carr, Meighan Sharp (Chair), Karl Willers, Laura Carden, Charlene Graves, John Cornthwait (placemaking committee), Helen Dean, Donna Davis (Treasurer), Ben Bazak, Lauren Woodrum, Jim Davis, and William Penn (vice chair and funding chair). Tina Carr serves as the recording secretary. Not pictured: Catherine Koebel Stromberg.

Roanoke Arts Commission, 117 Church Avenue, SW, Roanoke, VA 24011