Arts Commission Members

Fifteen volunteer appointed members lead the work of the Roanoke Arts Commission. We’re introducing them in a series of 2022 and 23 videos. Meet them below by clicking the links and check back for more soon!

Meighan Sharp, Chair
William Penn, Vice Chair
Donna Davis, Treasurer
Ben Bazak
Valerie Brown
Laura Carden
John Cornthwaite
Helen Dean
John Hitchins
Victoria McNiff
Whitney Johnson
Toya Jones
Betsy Whitney
Pat Wilhelms
Karl Willers

Left to Right: Laura Carden, Donna Davis, Tori McNiff, Helen Dean, Meighan Sharp, John Hitchins, Ben Bazak, Whitney Johnson, Karl Willers, John Cornthwaite, William Penn, Pat Wilhelms, and Toya Jones. Not pictured: Valerie Brown and Betsy Whitney.
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