YOTA report highlights Roanoke’s arts-based community development efforts

On Monday evening, September 18, the Roanoke Arts Commission presented to City Council and a packed council chambers the final Year of the Artist (YOTA) report, “A Year of Creativity, Collaboration, and Community.”

Some data from the report:

– 400 registered artists
– 1,300 weekly newsletter recipients
– 51 weekly artist trainings
– 34 Art Matters grants
– 11 Artists in Residence
– 70 outreach events
– 40 public performances and exhibitions
– 48 self-portrait artists
– $313,000 allocated for artist led efforts
– 100 projects from 84 artists
– 4 artists who speak English as a second language
– 21 Black-led projects
– 20 artists in their 20s
– 57 women artists
– 17 zip codes funded

A big thank you to YOTA Artist in Residence Samantha Meyer, our network builder and chief communicator for compiling and writing the year end report as well as keeping us connected through a year’s worth of newsletters!

The presentation followed a reception for the opening of “It’s Here: The Arts, Entrepreneurship, + Placemaking in Roanoke, Virginia.”


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    Shirley Newton

    Well done

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