» Home sought for Eaton’s “Chairway to Heaven”

Chairway to Heaven
 is a site-specific installation at Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge, in Roanoke, Va. It was originally made for the Laybrinth Exhibition as part of the 2011 Marginal Arts Festival, but was retained by the church as a permanent installation.

The church will no longer be have access to the space, so a new home is being sought.

The work is 9 ’6” tall x 7’ wide x 24’ 2″ long.

While there is no cost for the work itself, all costs related to the transfer must be covered by the acquirer and are expected to be approximately $2,000.  The artist is available to oversee the transfer. 

An agreement must be developed by Monday October, 18. If you have a large space that could serve as a new home, please contact Ralph Eaton using the form below. 

See more images here.

Published by Douglas Charles Jackson

Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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