» ARTS CREATE HOPE – October is Arts and Humanities Month: Be part of the proclamation Monday, 10/5

October is National Arts & Humanities Month. Here in Roanoke we like to kick it off by getting a together a bunch of folks together who care about what the arts and humanities do for us. We can’t do that as well right now, so we’ll mark the occasion virtually:

Monday, 10/5
2 PM City Council Meeting

Join us as we acknowledge the importance of the arts and humanities in our lives and in our community with the Roanoke City Council. Just log onto facebook and look for the live feed of the Council meeting on the city’s page.

We’ll invite you during the proclamation to share on the Facebook chat how the arts and humanities help you create hope. Tell us how the arts and humanities are helping you in your life and work to

  • connect with others
  • teach your children
  • improve your neighborhood,
  • manage through COVID,
  • learn more about our place,
  • better understand others,
  • share your perspective,
  • better cope with stress,
  • find a contemplative space,
  • earn a living,
  • find joy… and more!

Then share images and stories on social media using hashtags #RoanokeArts, #ArtsVBR, #Artscreatehope, or #NAHM.


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