» On the Podcast: Jeanne Fishwick behind the scenes with City funding for arts & culture

In The Art of It: Conversations on Creativity and Leadership with the Roanoke Arts Commission, we’re focusing our attention on our partners: the arts organizations we fund, the colleagues who help make projects happen, and our leaders thoughtful on the role of the arts and humanities in our lives.

In this episode, join Jeanne Fishwick for a behind-the-scenes look at the City of Roanoke’s robust funding process for arts and cultural organizations. Fishwick has served on the Roanoke Arts Commission for nine years, with three on the Agency Funding Advisory Committee. As she enters her final year on the Commission she reflects on the City’s support for our cultural ecosystem, innovative programs the Commission has funded, and the leadership of local organizations. “We have some phenomenal leadership and talent in our arts organizations in Roanoke.”

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