The David Ramey Gainsboro Mural Wall

David A. Ramey (1929-2017) created more than 700 drawings during a nearly 40 year period. From the 1980s until his passing in 2017., Ramey illustrated scenes of Roanoke life in neighborhoods, railroad work, religious iconography and still life, culminating in works for several books, including the self-published The Times and Life on Henry Street.

Gainsboro neighbors worked with the City of Roanoke through PARK Roanoke and the Roanoke Arts Commission to create the mural on the side of the Gainsboro Garage. Explore the mural at the intersection of Centre Avenue and Henry Street, NW, and through the linked images below.

The David Ramey Gainsboro Mural Wall will be dedicated on Sunday, April 28, at 2 PM.

The David Ramey Exhibition at the Harrison Museum of African American Culture has been extended and will be on display through May 12!

Mural Images

Stand-Alone Figures