Weeby’s (Wheby’s) Groceries

Untitled (“Weeby’s Groceries”), n.d.
Drawing from “Weeby’s Groceries / 308 Club”
Story in The Times and Life on Henry Street (2012), p. 10
Ink and colored pencil on paper
Collection of David Ramey, Jr. © All rights reserved

Weeby’s (Wheby’s) Groceries was on the corner of Henry Street and Wells Avenue. The Wheby’s…had a good business. The store had been run by family for many years. Weeby sold almost everything you could name in their store: meat, veggies, wine, fruit, beer, wood, coal heating oil, gloves, stockings, socks, ice cream and sodas. If Weeby knew you well enough, you could get credit. The Weebys were well known on Henry Street… They were just like us and we respected them. (The Times and Life on Henry Street, p. 11)