Williamson Road Road Mural Project


The Greater Williamson Road Area Business Association is seeking an artist(s) to create a visit down Williamson Road – showcasing its unique look moving forward. 

The business association is seeking artists who are in interested in sharing their vision of what encompasses Williamson Road:  its diversity, strength of entrepreneurship, its businesses, and its neighborhoods – all that makes up the Road’s varied populations.  The murals will be painted on outside walls of a concrete base.  

The Greater Williamson Road Area Business Association is dedicated to supporting business owners and engaging community leaders to further business growth, foster an entrepreneurial spirit, and enhance the greater Williamson Road area.

THE PROJECT –  Celebrating the Diversity of Williamson Road
The Williamson Road Area Business office is located at 5301 Williamson Road, Roanoke in the Williamson Road Plaza.  The paint site is located on the side wall of the shopping center with each “canvas” or space approximately 12’ x 12’ feet; 6 – 9 spaces in total.  This opportunity is open to all artists and is supported by the Roanoke Arts Commission through the Art in Place Program. The application deadline is February 28, 2023.

The maximum award is $1,500 per panel plus supplies for the artist(s) selected to realize the work.

The location of the work to be completed is an outside building wall, concrete in nature so all artworks must be able to be tempered to the seasons and weather.  Williamson Road, heading towards the City, is a major thoroughfare so the artwork will be available and seen by those motorists traveling towards the City.

The site-specific work shall:

  • Demonstrate artistic excellence
  • Enhance the building with a distinctive aesthetic experience for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and passersby
  • Celebrate the diversity of the greater Williamson Road area 
  • Be an original art piece appropriate for outdoor installation on cement
  • Be able to stand up to all weather conditions
  • Consider site limitations for both close-up and distant viewings 

This call is open to both emerging and established artists. 

As Williamson Road itself is a plethora of diversity and flavor, artists representing the full range of experiences and diversity in Roanoke are encouraged to apply.  Artists chosen will work with the Executive Director of The Greater Williamson Road Area Business Association and an appointed review team to refine the concept and create a site-specific design for this wall mural space.  

Applicants should have experience working in public settings.  The artwork must reflect the project intent as reflected below.


  • Artwork must be original to the artist(s).
  • Artwork must incorporate the story/message of the diversity, strength of entrepreneurship, businesses and neighborhoods on Williamson Road.
  • Artwork must highlight the uniqueness of Williamson Road as a gateway to Roanoke City.
  • No offensive wording or images are allowed.
  • No nudity or violence violence is allowed.
  • Promotion of specific businesses and products is not allowed.
  • The Greater Williamson Road Area Business Association and/or the property owner retains the right to remove questionable art for any reason.


  • The Call is open to artist(s) who care about and are interested in the diversity and life of Williamson Road and its importance to the City of Roanoke.
  • Initial submissions can be a design concept (with color scheme). The sketch submitted does not need to be the final artwork, but it should be detailed enough so that the selection committee can get an idea of what the finished painting will depict.
  • A description of the artists’ approach to the call must be included with the sketch.
  • Current résumé – if submitting as a team of artists, please include an individual resume for each artist combined in one PDF file.
  • Contact information for three (3) professional references – references must be familiar with the work and working methods of the artist(s). 
  • Work samples – Artists applying as a team shall submit work samples of individual work and joint work if there is any.
  • Each of the artists or artist teams selected will receive a $1,500 stipend plus reasonable costs for supplies. Artists’ signatures will be included in the mural.
  • The selection panel (consisting of the WRABA Executive Director, 2 WRABA Board Members, 1 member of Roanoke Arts Commission and an artist) will follow the City of Roanoke’s Public Art procedures.


Materials must be submitted by February 28, 2023. Submit materials here.

The Selection Panel will review the submittals and select artists to create an original site-specific artwork.

The commissions will be awarded no later than March 24, 2023.  Installation must be complete by May 24, 2023.  As a celebration of public art and its creative artists in general, and this public art project in particular, a small mural festival with music and food trucks, again celebrating the diversity of Williamson Road, will be planned for the first Saturday in June.  This event will be held near the mural wall site so artists and guests alike can enjoy the artwork.  Involved artists will be encouraged to invite fellow artists and friends to revel in and enjoy the renditions celebrating the diversity of the Greater Williamson Road area.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Valerie Brown, Executive Director, The Greater Williamson Road Area Business Association, valerie@williamsonroad.org or 540-362-3293.

February 28, midnight – Proposal deadline
March 24 – Artists notified
May 24 – Work completed
Saturday, June 3 – Mural Festival

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