Artist’s NameErica Jenkins
Address401 Gainsboro Rd
Roanoke 24016
United States
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Facebook Profile (if any)Erica Jenkins , The Roanoke Fashion Week
Instagram Handle (if any)The Roanoke fashion week
Website (if any)Not yet
Tell us about you, the artist. Please include a few sentences of biographical information.

My name is Erica Jenkins. I am ‘the CEO and creator of Roanoke Fashion Week, at the age of 15 I was introduced to the modeling world by my mother—who was one of the first African-American models in Roanoke, Virginia.. From various photoshoots in Roanoke during my teenage years, I transitioned into producing fashion shows independently since 2017, self-funding this venture.

Please describe your artistic practice including the media you work in and your approach to your art.

In my artistic practice, I engage primarily in the dynamic world of fashion. As the CEO and creator of Roanoke Fashion Week, my work spans diverse media within the fashion industry, from curating runway shows to conceptualizing unique photo shoots. With a foundation rooted in my experiences as a model in Roanoke, I bring a distinct perspective to my approach, blending creativity with a keen understanding of the local fashion landscape. Through my self-funded endeavors, I strive to elevate the fashion scene in Roanoke, weaving a narrative that fuses tradition with innovation.

Describe the proposed work or project.

The proposed project revolves around the continued evolution of Roanoke Fashion Week, where I serve as the CEO and creative force. Through a multifaceted approach within the fashion industry, the project encompasses the curation of captivating runway shows, innovative photo shoots, and various initiatives aimed at elevating the local fashion scene. Drawing from my roots as one of the first biracial models in Roanoke, Virginia, and my extensive experience, this self-funded venture aims to weave a narrative that combines tradition with a fresh, contemporary perspective, fostering growth and creativity within the regional fashion community.

How will the work advance wellness, justice, or inclusion in Roanoke? Consider a community issue that you hope to address, something you want to celebrate or a condition you want to change.

The envisioned project, Roanoke Fashion Week, strives to advance wellness, justice, and inclusion by fostering a diverse and inclusive fashion community. By embracing models of all backgrounds, shapes, sizes, ages, and cultural identities, the project actively works towards breaking traditional beauty standards and promoting body positivity. This commitment to diversity not only challenges societal norms but also celebrates the richness of Roanoke’s cultural tapestry. Through inclusive runway shows and photo shoots, the project seeks to create a space where everyone can see themselves represented, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community. In doing so, it contributes to a more just and inclusive local environment where individuals from all walks of life are celebrated and embraced.

When do you anticipate undertaking the work? If the project is tied to a set event or date, let us know.

I have been actively undertaking the work for the past seven years, leading up to the upcoming Roanoke Fashion Week scheduled from April 18 through April 21, 2024. This ongoing commitment has allowed me to shape and refine the project, emphasizing diversity and inclusion within the fashion community. The upcoming fashion week serves as a culmination of these efforts, providing a platform to showcase the progress made and further contribute to advancing wellness, justice, and inclusion in Roanoke through the transformative power of fashion.

Are there partners in this effort? If so describe the partnerships and what each partner brings.

As of now, Roanoke Fashion Week operates independently without formal partnerships in place. However, I have established a small committee and enlisted advisors and mentors who contribute their expertise and support to the project. The committee assists in various aspects of event coordination, while advisors offer valuable insights into the fashion industry and community engagement. While there aren’t formal partnerships at this time, the collaborative efforts of the committee and advisors play a crucial role in the success and growth of Roanoke Fashion Week, laying the groundwork for potential future collaborations.

Your theory of change: How will the work advance your efforts as an artist toward an established goal? How will you, a partner organization, or the community be changed?

The theory of change for Roanoke Fashion Week involves a gradual but impactful shift in the local fashion landscape. Through my continued efforts and the collaborative support of the small committee and advisors, the project aims to establish itself as a catalyst for change in Roanoke’s perception of beauty and fashion. By prioritizing diversity and inclusivity, I anticipate a transformative impact on both the community and the fashion industry. The goal is to challenge conventional standards, empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness. As Roanoke Fashion Week gains momentum, the community will witness a broader representation of models and fashion that reflects the rich diversity within the city, fostering a more inclusive and accepting environment. Ultimately, the theory of change revolves around reshaping perceptions and contributing to a more equitable and culturally enriched local community through the power of fashion.

How much money do you need to accomplish the project? (The allowed range is $500 – $3,000.)I am seeking $3000 to help with cost of this project
What other resources do you need to accomplish the project?

In addition to the requested funding of $3,000, other critical resources for the success of Roanoke Fashion Week include community support, volunteer assistance, and potential sponsorships. Collaborative efforts from the community, volunteers, and sponsors would greatly contribute to the execution of diverse and inclusive runway shows and photo shoots, further amplifying the impact of the project.

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Do you have general liability insurance coverage for your arts-based business, either through your own policy or through a project partner?Yes