Artist’s NameJonathan Chandler
Address1087 Bellevue Rd
Halifax 24558
United States
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Tell us about you, the artist. Please include a few sentences of biographical information.

I’m a retired Agriculture Instructor, I taught for 21 years in Halifax County VA. I was raised on a farm in Williamsburg VA, where my grandfather taught me about self-reliance. My art career started in earnest serving as the Technical Director for the Theater Department at Bluefield College (1991 – 1994). With 30 years of construction experience, I create pieces of art in a combination of wood and metal. I specialize in using “found materials” in the majority of my work. I enjoy taking materials that others see no value in and transforming them into works of art. I earned a B.S in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Vocational Technical Education. Currently I’m the Lead Instructor at the Virginia School of Traditional Arts. I have always like art and sculpture. Once I retired, I have had the time to make art and sculpture full time. In 2023 I have had seven sculptures and painting accepted in national juried shows all over the country.

Please describe your artistic practice including the media you work in and your approach to your art.

I primarily make large scale sculptures and functional art pieces out of “found materials” whenever possible. My sculptures are made out of steel, copper, and wood. I usually select threatened or endangered species to highlight in my work. I use my art to bring attention to the native plants and animals that surround us. I hope my sculptures will start a conversation about the plant or animal and what can be done to help preserve them for future generations.

Describe the proposed work or project.

I plan to create “The Disappearing Monarch” a hand forged sculptural bench to bring attention to the plight Monarch Butterfly. I plan to partner with The Virginia School of Traditional Arts (VSTA), The Southern Virginia Botanical Gardens and Environmental Education Center (SVBG) and local Veterans to achieve the goals of bringing awareness to the decreasing population of the Monarch, and to inform the citizens of Roanoke and surrounding area of the numerous opportunities at the SVBG.

The bench will be created during a free workshop open to all veterans held at the Virginia School of Traditional Arts. During the workshop the Veterans will learn to forge scrolls out of steel. Once the scrolls are made, we will use them to complete the bench. I will help the vets by making a large three-dimensional flower with three leaves topped with a large Monarch butterfly.

Once the bench is complete, I would like to place it in Roanoke for the summer (Suggestions on a location would be appreciated).I plan to develop a brochure that describes the project, as well as several things people can do to help the Monarch butterfly. Once this project is completed, I plan to donate the bench to the SVBG. The SVBG has agreed to provide the bench with a permanent home, ongoing maintenance, and a brick paver base.

How will the work advance wellness, justice, or inclusion in Roanoke? Consider a community issue that you hope to address, something you want to celebrate or a condition you want to change.

I have chosen to focus on wellness for this project. The creation of this piece will not only bring attention to the Monarch and the natural world around us but, it will help the Veterans by giving them an opportunity to learn a new skill and enjoy a little fellowship. After working with several Vets in the past I have found that they often seem to find themselves isolated. I feel this project could change that, at least for a short time. It will give them an opportunity to meet some new people and enjoy helping the community.

When do you anticipate undertaking the work? If the project is tied to a set event or date, let us know.

I plan to host the workshop for the Veterans on Saturday April 27, 2024. That will allow me time to complete the assembly and painting of the bench. As a tribute to the Veterans, I would like to install the bench in Roanoke the week before Memorial Day 2024 and remove it the week after Veterans Day.

Are there partners in this effort? If so describe the partnerships and what each partner brings.

1) Roanoke Arts Commission providing the grant funding
2) The SVBG has agreed to provide the bench with a permanent home, ongoing maintenance, and a brick paver base.
3) Veterans will forge scrolls out of steel
4) City of Roanoke provide temporary location for the bench during the summer of 2024
5) VSTA providing equipment and the location for workshop

Your theory of change: How will the work advance your efforts as an artist toward an established goal? How will you, a partner organization, or the community be changed?

1) I hope to create environmental change by bringing attention to the plight of the Monarch Butterfly. Through the information provided in the brochure I will be providing some ideas that individuals can do to improve the butterfly’s habitat.

2) I hope to create a place that the Veterans can feel included and valued, as well as meet new people and learn a new skill.

How much money do you need to accomplish the project? (The allowed range is $500 – $3,000.)$3000.00
What other resources do you need to accomplish the project?

No other resources will be required.

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Do you have general liability insurance coverage for your arts-based business, either through your own policy or through a project partner?yes