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LastDateServices provided (Project Title / Short Description)
Corbett04/12/2024educational residencies theatre outreach programming – SOL matching
Paul04/03/2024Design, produce, and install a "Love SE" Mosaic work for the existing frame on Water Authority Property at the Bennington Park Trailhead
Yopp04/02/2024Provide six sessions of the Dreamin Big Art Program at the EnVision Center
Yopp04/02/2024Provide a facepainting activity at the April 13, 2024 Wasena Bridge Bonanza.
Montgomery04/01/2024Provide a "Neighboring Sounds" activity at the March 30, 2024 "Lick Run Farm Spring Social."
McCadden03/28/2024Provide a "Chalkways to Hope" activity at the Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Indian Rock Village on March 29, 2024.
Kuehl03/28/2024Lease of "Leaf" sculpture from April 15, 2024 through April 30, 2025.
Montgomery03/24/2024Provide a "Neighboring Sounds" activity at the April 13, 2024 "Wasena Bridge Bonanza."
Trozzo03/15/2024Produce a 2 day "Raven's Lamentation: A Grief Ritual for Coming to Our Senses"
VanTassel-McGrath03/13/2024Produce a Housing Insecurity Art Exhibition
Smith03/12/2024Choreograph, produce, and perform an original ballet, "Calling the Powers."
Johnson03/10/2024Ignite your light: The Candle pouring workshop you never knew you needed.
Montgomery03/11/2024Workshop on Stories and Sounds
Acker03/11/2024Write Along
Loshonkohl03/09/2024Supporting survivors of domestic violence through art
Walker03/08/2024Workshop at Arts POP
Vickers03/05/2024Mandala Table
Fellers03/04/2024Community Engagement/Program Services – ArtsPop 2024 – Arts Connect Neighbors Catalog Artists
Pickle03/04/2024Arts Connect Neighbors Catalog promotion at ArtsPop
Linger03/04/2024Participation in Arts Connect Neighbors Table at Arts Pop
Devine03/12/2024drawing workshop for Arts Pop
Macchia03/04/2024Drumming to promote Arts Connects Neighbors
Keesee03/03/2024Artist assistant at EnVision Center
LastDateServices provided (Project Title / Short Description)