Walls that Unite – Respect

Tracy Foutz-Hunt
Acrylic on panel

Whenever I am asked to come up with an idea for a mural I always consider location, purpose and audience. This piece represents the face of Roanoke as I see it – people of all backgrounds coming together to form a united group. My first idea for this project was to use a handshake and the word Respect as the central image. The challenge was to come up with the right handshake that would translate well into a large static image and still convey the intended meaning.

Hands clasped together conveys a strong bond, a good representation of the word Respect. I chose the green color for Respect to compliment the red brick wall of the building. The next step was to visibly make the piece interesting and include urban elements with something that viewers can immediately associate with Roanoke. What better element to include than the Star! The graffiti in the background adds depth and interest. This piece was fun to plan and execute – I am honored to have a small part in representing my home town.  

Tracy Foutz-Hunt grew up in Roanoke, Virginia in the heart of the Blue Ridge mountains. I have been interested in drawing and painting since childhood. I paint in a realistic style, always striving to accomplish what great artists have accomplished in the past — making everyday object and experiences look unusual. I am always looking for the odd, interesting angle, landscape, or even just part of an object for a subject for my paintings.

Lately I’ve been turning my attention to public art, having first experienced it through regional events. This has evolved into larger permanent mural work and traditional sign painting. I have designed and completed several murals, both inside and outside. I am planning to travel to High Springs, Florida to assist in a community-wide mural project as part of the Wall Dogs group of artists in 2023. I have designed and painted several traditional signs, including reverse-glass signage, around southwest Georgia.  

I am a signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, founding member of the American Society of Railway Artists, and most recently, a member of the Wall Dogs, an international mural community comprised of thousands of artists.  I have paintings in private collections across the country, and has had the honor of exhibiting in the Georgia Governor’s Office at the Capitol in Atlanta.

I currently live in Cairo, Georgia and can be reached through my website: TracyFoutz.com