Once Upon a Time on Henry Street

Untitled (“Once Upon a Time on Henry Street”), n.d.
Drawing from “Once Upon a Time on Henry Street”
Story in The Times and Life on Henry Street (2012), p. 34
Ink and colored pencil on paper
Collection of David Ramey, Jr. © All rights reserved

“In order to go to Henry Street Friday night your slacks would have to be ironed/pressed, shoes would have to be spit-shined-like glass, shirt starched-pressed just right, hair neat and in place. Otherwise, the other fellows would make funny gestures and laugh at you. Everything had to be just right. Nothing out of place,” wrote David Ramey in The Times and Life of Henry Street. “If you were fortunate enough to own an automobile, the car you had would have to be just as clean before you could bring it across Henry Street.”