The Art of It: Conversations on Creativity and Leadership is the podcast of the Roanoke Arts Commission. Join leaders from a variety of sectors in an exploration of how the arts and humanities help us address challenges in new ways, build better communities together, and help us be our best selves in order to better serve our community and each other.

Here’s a quick sample that we clipped for an NEA grant opportunity. It’s Jeanne Fishwick on Roanoke’s support for the arts:

Click below and listen to our guests to date:

SEASON 2 – The Year of the Artist

2.1 – Introducing season two host Artist in Residence Samantha Meyer

2.2 – Bryan “Harvest Blaque” Hancock » Art as a Superpower  


  1. Roanoke Parks and Rec Director Michael Clark » Building Better Communities
  2. Science Museum of Western VA’s Rachel Hopkins »  Art as Curiosity Prompt
  3. Mill Mountain Theatre »  Theatre for reflection, conversation, and inspiration
  4. Jeanne Fishwick » City Arts and Cultural Funding and the Leadership of Local Organizations
  5. Southwest Virginia Ballet » Keep Learning Together
  6. Virginia Commission for the Arts’ Janet Starke » The Power of Passion Ignited
  7. Virginia Tech’s Amanda Nelson » Community Leadership Through the Arts
  8. Roanoke Cultural Endowment’s Katherine Fralin » Arts & Possibility
  9. Artist and Teacher Heather Marshall » Studio Practices of Mind
  10. Fashionista Roanoke’s Garland Gravely » Fashionable Good
  11. SWVA Realness » Garland Gravely and the House of Expression
  12. Alma Ensemble » Growth through Collaboration

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