Northwest Roanoke Artist in Residence

Artist Lacey Leonard is the 2022-23 Neighborhoods of Opportunity Artist in Residence in Northwest Roanoke.

Lacey is a sculptor and multi-media artist who is exploring her neighborhood through a film project.

Lacey is engaging with the Neighborhoods of Opportunity strategy through the United Way of the Roanoke Valley and has been actively engaging in her Northwest Roanoke neighborhood through meetings, festivals, and events.


NW x NW is a documentary project about the NW Roanoke area that explores the relationship between histories of the neighborhoods, the contemporary lives of residents and their future dreams for the community. The process of the documentary includes filming the oral histories and experiences within NW and greater Roanoke areas. The film aims to celebrate the innovative, creative, and artistic lives of the community. During the production of the film, residents are encouraged to participate in the process by attending film workshops and submitting their own personal footage to be collaged into the final documentary. NW x NW is funded by the Artist in Residency program at the Roanoke Arts Commission and is in partnership with United Way Roanoke. 

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