Walls that Unite – Diversity

Mason Scott
Acrylic on panel

People all around us are dealing with mental, physical, social, and emotional anxiety. You never know what’s people are going through. It helps to be truthful about who you are and what’s going on. Listening to other genres of music can help understand other people and their persepctives.

I have been drawing since I was a small boy and I never stopped drawing.  I enjoy drawing , it brings satisfaction and happiness into my life.  I have been a self taught artist most of my childhood and adult life.  My interest in art began through the enjoyment of music.  

It was very difficult  for me to  express or explain my feelings or how I felt about situations  in life.  I felt like an outcast in life.  So music became my escape and protector from all of my problems and fears. I enjoy listening to different artist from the era of 2000. I enjoy  lots of music  such as rock, hip-hop, pop and K-pop.  I have been doing traditional media, but at the present time I am doing digital 2d . 

My main goal  is to help those that felt they never had  a voice or the confidence to express themselves, or to create their own universe or a world where they are free to be their true self.

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