» Behind the scenes with Fashionista Roanoke’s Garland Gravely

“It’s important as a community that we know how to come together and work together,” says Garland Gravely, a founder of Fashionista Roanoke.  

The Roanoke native says it’s all about multiculturalism as the organization develops creative collaborations to benefit nonprofit partners.  Established in 2008, Fashionista Roanoke produces fashion shows for good causes and trains youth and adults in many aspects of the fashion industry, including modeling, merchandising, and event production.

Fashionista Roanoke is expanding into other communities, but with deep roots in Roanoke, the team continues to build new partnerships.  Learn more by listening to the episode here.

Fashionista Roanoke founder Garland Gravely with City of Roanoke Arts and Culture Coordinator Douglas Jackson at the 2020 Roanoke Arts POP! at the Taubman Museum of Art.

Published by Douglas Charles Jackson

Roanoke VA based writer and community coach.

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