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Clean Streets Jingle Results

We challenged the community to inspire us as stewards of our streams and streets, and boy, did you deliver! Congratulations to all of our contestants. We had a great time listening.

Our five winners will receive a $100 Downtown Roanoke gift card and the opportunity for their jingles to be played in the Roanoke City Market Building and at Center in the Square. All other entrants will receive a $25 Downtown Roanoke gift card, and everybody gets a Clean Streets SWAG bag from Roanoke Stormwater and Clean Valley Council.

Our selection panel reviewed the submissions for artistic merit, originality, catchiness, message clarity, creative rhyming, and spirit.

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And the winners are…

WINNER: Garbage in the Water by Caroline Moledor

“I love how Roanoke is not a big busy city, but it is just big enough to have a thriving arts community and plenty of opportunities,” says Caroline. “Music inspires me, and I listen to as many albums as possible.”

WINNER: Don’t be a Klutz by Sherrene Wells

“As a new resident of Roanoke, I truly love everything the city offers!” says Sherrene, “Arts, history, fabulous restaurants and magnificent outdoor activities.”

“Unfortunately, this particular issue is a major pet peeve of mine.” Let’s take care of this great place!

WINNER: Yippee by the Farmer Family Band

“We love living in the mountains and being so close to so many beautiful rivers and streams,” says Will Farmer. “Roanoke is a welcoming community and we love supporting live music in the area.”

“Our family loves to play music and we are just starting to write together. This was a great chance to hear Violet take the lead. She found the melody and made several of the rhymes in the lyrics. She loves visiting the Roanoke River and had plenty to share about keeping it clean.” Well done, Violet!

WINNER: Don’t be an A** with your Butt by Gwen Mason

Sometimes a message has to be direct and hard hitting, yet it can be done with a sense of humor.

“I’m inspired by the river, the mountains and the people,” says Gwen. “It’s a place worth caring for. Life here inspires me, and this was a fun project.”

Watch the video here!

WINNER: Git’cher Butt Up! by Arthur Davies

arthur davies

“Roanoke has a small town feel with great diversity and inspiring artistic community,” says Arthur Davies. “I’m inspired by anything that is different, interesting. It’s something I’ve never thought of before, but it seems so natural.”

Watch the video here!

and two in the HONORABLE MENTION category…

Honorable Mention: Butts Stink by Laurel Original

“I was planted here and I have watched my dreams come true,” says Laurel Original. “I’m inspired by my pain, other artists, and contests like this one!”

Honorable Mention: Our Hometown by Jay Burnett

“I love my hometown with its mountains, trees and river,” says musician and visual artist Jay Burnett,. “Mother Nature inspires me.”


Keep Roanoke Clean by Skylar Gay

“I love Roanoke’s commitment to diversity and inclusion,” says Skylar Gay. “I love how this city embraces the many cultures, ethnicities, races, abilities, ages, and genders.”

“I am inspired by my experience in musical theatre and the arts. I feel that the piece I have submitted, represents the pop genre that is currently very prevalent in my generation. I’d like to reach it with this pop and rap feel.

Ocean Blue by Laurel Original

“I was planted here and I have watched my dreams come true,” says Laurel Original. “I’m inspired by my pain, other artists, and contests like this one!”

Where I Want to Be by Spunkwit

“Roanoke’s mountains and the greenway inspire me,” says Spunkwit.” He credits his fresh take to his “broken brain.”

Nature’s Kind Voices by Julia Gatti

“I love the energy of Roanoke’s nonprofit organizations,” says Julia. “I’m inspired by time outside.”

Microphone by Spunkwit

“Roanoke’s mountains and the greenway inspire me,” says Spunkwit.” He credits his fresh take to his “broken brain.”

Not Me by Christina

“I love the Star,” says Christina. “It’s my favorite, and when I’m away and come back, I know I am home when I see the pretty Star on the mountain. I also love the hiking and the fact that everyone here is so nice. It’s the perfect size city for me. However, I started to notice more trash when I walk my dog everyday, and that makes me sad.

Your Yard by Like Madd

“I love the greenway and hiking,” says Like Madd. “I’m inspired by the ether.”

Labor of Love by Stephanie Force

“Roanoke is a small city with a small town feel,” says Stephanie. “You can get to know so many people and see them everywhere, from the grocery store to a brewery to the greenway and trails. There are plenty of local businesses and restaurants to support – and when you support them you’re not just supporting a company but you know the people running it too. And that makes it even more special.

For this jingle, Stephanie was inspired by Southeast Roanoke’s Sunni Purviance and her Plawking Positivity. “I’m fueled by the connections between people, things, moments that are always gone way too soon. Usually words and photography are more my thing, so if there was ever a chance for a real musician to take this jingle and give it life that would be really neat!”

Stephanie’s advice: “If you’re looking to give back to your community, build relationships with neighbors, make the most of the outdoors, take lots of day or weekend trips to different places, Roanoke offers it. Truly, that’s what makes Roanoke home!”

Project Partners

Clean Valley Council
Downtown Roanoke, Inc.
Keep Virginia Beautiful
Roanoke Arts Commission
Roanoke Stormwater
Roanoke Solid Waste Management

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