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Our mission: Provide affordable live/work and creative spaces in Roanoke.

We can do this together. We need to hear from the full universe of creatives living in (or interested in moving to) the Roanoke Valley about their space needs and preferences for a proposed affordable mixed-use project at Riverdale Village.

Whether you’re an emerging artist, professional maker or musician, content creator, hair stylist, weekend crafter, cake designer, facepainter, part-time poet, gardener, weaver, salsa dancer, community connector, tattoo artist – if ANY creative pursuit is part of your life – your voice is critical to this project.

Survey data will be used to assess demand for new space, and to design new space to suit the unique needs of Roanoke’s creative community and its art-related organizations.

About the survey

The survey will take about 5 minutes to complete.

It’s confidential. Your private information will NOT be shared with other organizations and responses are maintained anonymously. Data is analyzed in the aggregate only.

It’s for everyone in the art/creative/cultural sectors who would like to live or work creatively in Roanoke, so please tell your friends, colleagues, and social networks about the survey!

It’s best viewed on a large screen (computer or tablet) but it is optimized for a smart phone.

If you begin the survey and something comes up before you finish it, you can save and continue it later.

Take the survey

The Big Picture

Step 1: National non-profit Artspace visited our community in September 2023 to conduct a preliminary feasibility study for jan affordable live/work project. They fell in love with Roanoke’s creative scene and determined the optimal site would be in Riverdale Village, Ed Walker’s transformative concept for the former American Viscose plant. Read the Artspace Preliminary Feasibility Study here.

Step 2: (Where we are now) A market study focused on Roanoke’s Creative community, accomplished by this Creative Space Needs Survey.

Step 3: If the survey results fit Artspace’s criteria for a successful project, we will move to the financing piece. Artspace has decades of experience figuring out how to fund their projects using a combination of public and private funds, and they will work with us to determine a path forward. We are fortunate to have great partners at the State level, which will be a huge help in this process.

If we successfully move through these steps, there is a very real possibility of affordable live/work and creative space being developed by Artspace at Riverdale.

Members of the core team toured Riverdale with Artspace representatives in September 2023. Learn more about Riverdale.
Download the Preliminary Feasibility Study.


Is the survey anonymous, and what will the data be used for?

The survey is anonymous and confidential. Your private information will NOT be shared with other organizations and responses are maintained anonymously. Data is analyzed in the aggregate only.

The aggregated survey data will identify what types of spaces (live/work housing, studio/workspace, and shared specialized creative spaces) are needed, and the amenities, features, and locations that are most preferred. It will also reveal what “affordable” really means to those interested. Ideas offered by respondents for the facility will be delivered to project leaders. All this information will be used to plan the proposed new facility.

Documenting the demand for space helps project leaders advocate for continued support and funding of this project. In addition, the data obtained can also be used to encourage other developers and building owners throughout the city to create affordable space customized to the needs of the local creative sector.

What could this proposed development look like?

The proposed facility could include live/work housing, shared flexible creative space for residents, and leasable space for studios/creative work, nonprofits, and/or creative businesses. Check out some of Artspace’s cool projects around the country.

Who should take the survey?

If you are engaged in creative efforts and consider your work, product, or practice to be a form of art, craft, artisan product, a cultural/creative expression, or heritage preservation, then we probably will too.

In our broad definition, an artist, creative or culture bearer:

– Has a sincere commitment to their creative-based work – May make things that are artistic, creative or functional- or all of the above (woodturners, game designers, milliners, potters, writers, leather workers, artisanal foods/crafts beverages, painters, performers, photographers, jewelers, floral arrangers, stylists.)

– May be engaged in any creative/artistic/cultural pursuits or practices including visual/performing, digital/new media, culinary, literary, musical, administrative, museum, educational work, community connecting, or other.

May or may not make any income from their creative-based work (and may or may not aspire to income from their art).

May or may not create or practice full-time (and may or may not aspire to a full-time practice).

-Has or is developing a body of work or is actively training, creating, practicing, and/or making.

-Comes from any and all walks of life.

Have a question not answered here? Contact us with a question.

Take the survey

Spread the word!

We’ll keep everyone updated on our next steps, especially as we release the creative space/market survey. It will open in late January and be open for six weeks. Our goal is to get 600 people to fill out the survey, and we very much want to reach our neighbors who could most benefit from a stable and affordable rental unit that will help free them to create.

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